Graduation: step by step

2.) Announcement of the topic and supervision of the master's thesis


Before uploading your master's thesis to HOPLA and submitting it to the SSC, you have to register the topic of your thesis and your supervisor(s) with the StudiesServiceUnit. 

Please ensure that the master's thesis has been correctly registered, otherwise the submission process will be delayed. 

The relevant form and further information can be obtained from the respective StudiesServiceUnit!

1.) Submission of the record of examinations

Please check with your responsible StudiesServiceUnit whether you have to submit your record of examinations.

As a general rule: Check your record of examinations on u:space to see whether all of your courses have been assigned correctly and whether you have successfully completed all of the required courses. If anything is unclear or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your StudiesServiceUnit.

Below, you can find a brief overview of whether or not you have to submit a record of examinations, and of any deviating regulations:

  • Gender Studies
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology & CREOLE - please contact Rita Gratzer
  • Political Science
  • Journalism and Communication Studies
  • Sociology
  • Global Demography

3.) Cover sheet

The title page must be created according to the template “Master’s thesis cover sheet”.

Please see the cover sheet for master’s theses page for further information.

4.) Uploading the electronic version of the master's thesis to HOPLA

When you have completed your master's thesis and the cover sheet meets all formal requirements, upload the thesis in PDF format to the university thesis server (HOPLA) for a plagiarism check. You can find detailed information about the electronic submission and the upload portal here

You can find detailed information about the plagiarism check and creation of the document in the regulation on the formal requirements for the submission of academic theses

Print out the upload confirmation from HOPLA and sign it. 

Please note that since 1 October 2015, you do not have to include your curriculum vitae in you thesis!


In any case, a German, and if possible, an English summary (abstract, 1-2 pages) must be included in the appendix. 

Blockage of a thesis

All master's theses written at the University of Vienna are published on the thesis server of the Vienna University Library. However, authors are entitled to block their thesis for a maximum duration of 5 years. 

For further information, please see the information sheet on the publication and blockage of the thesis (in German). 

Application form for the blockage of a thesis

5.) Submission of the thesis to the SSC

After the plagiarism check has been carried out (approximately one week after uploading the thesis), you will receive an e-mail prompting you to submit your master’s thesis to the StudiesServiceCenter. A submission is only possible once you have received the e-mail notifying you that the plagiarism check has been completed.

You can submit your master’s thesis electronically. Please send the master’s thesis and the following completed AND signed forms as separate PDF files (please do not send photos or links to cloud systems) by e-mail to:

The SSC forwards your uploaded thesis (HOPLA) to your supervisor(s) after submitting the two forms. 

  • Print version of the master’s thesis


Please send us the two hardbound copies of your master’s thesis after the COVID-19 measures have been eased so that we can forward them to the Vienna University Library.

After the positive assessment of your master’s thesis, you can take the final examination (public defence). Please register for the public defence at the StudiesServiceCenter.

Please notify your StudiesServiceUnit of the successful completion of your studies.

7.) Degree certificate and official notice of degree award

The official notice of degree award will be issued by the SSC within four weeks after you have submitted the graduation documents. You will receive an e-mail on you unit e-mail address informing you that your documents have been completed


You will receive two separate e-mails:

  • "Congratulations on successfully completing your studies!"
    • Automated e-mail, the academic degree has been completed in the system.
  • "Sending the graduation documents"
    • You will receive the officially signed graduation documents via e-mail